Plan. Dream. Sing!

It’s your shower.

Sure. Showers are for getting clean and waking up. But that’s not the most important thing happening in there.

It’s that mental outline of your 9:00 meeting.

Or, that white sand fantasy, yes, the one with colorful umbrellas.

Or maybe, it’s just that song you sing!

And that’s where we come in.

Because you can’t plan, dream or sing if you’re dealing with a shower cap fail.

Tuck your hair into a cheap shower cap? No! Shove your blowout into a turban? No!

You know, the outdated shower cap that

—doesn’t hold all your hair

—lets Your hair slip out

—& shifts and falls off

(YES! the one you have to SHOVE your hair into!)

The world’s only shower cap with a patent pending wide stretch band, magnetic snaps and Velcro.®

quickie cap® stays put and goes on like a headband — with NO TUCKING!

Using a shower cap just got easier.

And more comfortable.

And more reliable.

Color and Highlights Last Longer

Modern Shower Cap by quickie cap®

Modern Shower Cap by quickie cap®