And It's Machine Washable, Too!

Simply treat your quickie cap® like a delicate!

Let’s start with:

  • NO BLEACH!  (The quickie cap® band contains spandex which is degraded by bleach.)

  • DO NOT IRON!  (Heat will ruin the waterproof qualities of your quickie cap®)

From there, caring for your quickie cap® is easy and you have many options to suit your schedule.

 You can choose to:

  • Hand Wash or

  • Machine Wash and

  • Hang Dry or

  • Machine (Tumble) Dry. 

Watch this short video and/or See the details below:


Hand Wash separately in lukewarm (~ 100°F) water with mild detergent.

If you prefer, you can Machine Wash quickie cap® (if you treat it like a Delicate)! 

WARNING: The Velcro® on your quickie cap® can snag some soft fabrics -- like the lace on panties, for example. So do NOT wash your quickie cap® WITH other delicate articles unless you first place it inside of a mesh lingerie bag!

We recommend machine washing your quickie cap® along with only one or two towels AND only in a Front Loading washer (or Top Loading washer with no "Agitator").



Hang to dry over a sink, tub, or shower.

Or if you prefer, you can Tumble Dry quickie cap® with "very low" or "super low" heat (MAXIMUM 10 minutes).  Do Not Tumble Dry with High, Medium or Low Heat.