Welcome to the 21st Century, Shower Cap!

C’mon…Can a shower cap really be all that different?

Let’s start from the beginning.

19th Century Shower Cap.png

Origin of the shower cap – 19th century

Called “bathing caps” women used them to swim and, well, bathe.

They were made of rubber and the edge was elasticized.

End of story.

Jump to the 20th century

·  Plastic (or vinyl) replaces rubber

·  Fancier / Encased Elastic / Adjustable

·  Aaaannndd, not much more than that.

In fact, the shower cap, for a very long time, has been a piece of plastic cut into the shape of a circle, then elasticized around the edge. 

This creates a muffin-top-shaped cap into which you must painstakingly tuck your hair.

Old Phone.jpg

Basically, this is how we see the old shower cap — like a relic of the past.

And the newer faddish turbans (like the one on Oprah’s 2017 “List of Favorite Things”)?

Well, let’s just say, they do add a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to the act of shoving your blowout into a cap.

quickie cap® for the 21st century

“Let me throw on this shower cap and wash my face over the sink!” said:
— No One, Ever

Until now, nobody has engineered the shower cap to be so fast, easy & reliable that you’d actually consider using it for something other than showering!

Markle Blue Fabric quickie cap shower cap

High Quality Fabrics

The basic idea behind every shower cap is to “keep the hair from getting wet,” so they all begin with a waterproof material. We carefully select our materials with a set of criteria that includes the thickness and "hand" or feel. It has to be exactly right. So far, we’ve chosen 2 modern fabrics – laminated cotton and waterproof breathable nylon (WPBs).

We chose the laminated cottons (all limited editions, by the way) for our first production run because we couldn’t resist this designer’s whimsical palette. These cheery, brightly colored fabrics have a nice sheen to them and are fun enough to maybe inspire a smile before coffee.  

If you prefer something a little more glamorous, you may lean toward our deep, rich matte nylon. We chose our first color - eggplant - based on advice from color experts, who say that it compliments all skin tones. Next up…Markle Blue. Yes, as in royal. Yes, as in Meghan.

Ultimately, we will choose our colors based on what YOU love … so please do tell us!

Peek Through Headband.png

Goes On Like a Headband

(Not Like a Hat)

Rosa and her team (here in the USA) cut and sew our fabrics into a cylindrical shape, not a circle. That’s why quickie cap® has 2 openings instead of 1. That means that you can put it on like a headband (over the head and onto the shoulders, then back up over the face).  Sooo … no tucking and shoving your hair into a cap. It also means plenty of room for your hairdo.  Whether you’re sporting long, thick curls or a blowout fresh from Dry Bar, your style will not be crushed.  


Snug, Stretchy Band

Keeps Hair In & Water Out

When we were looking for the softest possible, stretch fabric with quick drying properties, we found polyester spandex.  This luxe fabric is perfect for creating the wide stretch band that is completely unique to the quickie cap®.  We sew it onto the waterproof fabric in a proprietary manner that creates:

  • a waterproof ruffle that helps steer water out and away from the face and

  • a wide stretch band that comfortably secures the cap to your head.

It’s difficult to appreciate just how important this band is until you actually have a quickie cap® on your head.  It is key to what makes the quickie cap® comfortable enough to wear all day and what keeps the cap firmly in place – it won't shift and fall off when you lean forward. And it’s the magic sauce that prevents your hair from slipping out of the sides and getting wet at the hairline. Ok, it’s not magic, just great design.

Velcro on quickie cap advanced shower cap

Snap, Roll, Fasten

Our Unique Sealing System

Whoa! System? Complicated!  No, not really. It’s like switching from the floppy disc to a flash drive.  You learn it the first time you do it.  And you’ll never go back.

SNAP – Magnetic snaps close the top.

ROLL – One roll of the edge toward the front of the cap creates a seal.

FASTEN – Bring the Velcro strips together in the back of the head and connect them to secure the seal.

This system not only seals the top opening, it also acts as added "bracing" to make the cap even more sturdy.

So, remember when you thought you’d never own a cell phone, and now you can’t leave the house without it?

That’s because you are so 21st century ...